Jacob Regez Sr. House


Wisocnsin House on National Historic Places

Regez House in Monroe © 2010 Bo Mackison

What a great porch to spend summer evenings!

This Queen Anne style house was built in Monroe, Wisconsin for Jacob Regez Sr. and his family in 1901. Regez was a cheesemaker originally from Switzerland, and owned as many as ten cheese factories in Green and other nearby counties.

The home replaced a similar structure which was destroyed by a lightning strike and resultant fire. The architect was Fridolin Heer of the Fridolin J. Heer & Son architecture firm.

Jacob Regez Sr. Mansion in Monroe Wisconsin

Regiz House Back Yard © 2010 Bo Mackison

The exterior of the home features a large circular porch in the front and a first and second balcony porch in the rear. The interior features a combination of oak, cyprus, and sycamore woodwork, and  the windows are either leaded or stained glass windows.

The home is on both the National and Wisconsin Registers of Historic Places and is a Monroe Landmark.


Bo Mackison enjoys traveling throughout the Midwest, admiring both large cities and small towns.


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